Friday, March 26, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Favorites

Hello dear Bloggers! It's finally, finally time for my favorites from Paris Fashion Week! There were many that I loved and was inspired by, but in an effort to keep this to one post and not bore you guys to death(!), I decided to dedicated this post to my classic designer loves. These are lines that I've continued to love through various seasons, and whose fall lines I think embodied their name perfectly while still keeping it fresh and new. Basically, perfection.

Balmain - The sharp shoulders, embellishment, and shine - amazing!

Chanel - Loved the Winter Wonderland that the show was set in, and I really loved all these pieces, I really want a pair of those white/black toe boots!

Chloe - The neutrals, the pantsuits oh my, so beautiful!

Miu Miu - I loved the doll-like feel and the pops of bright colors!

Sonia Rykiel - Knits, knits, knits and the classic stripe - so cute!

Valentino - Loved the ruffles so so much.

Yves Saint Laurent - This collection really made me love green, which is strange, but they did it perfectly! I loved it all.

Now that I'm officially done covering Fall/Winter 2010, I wanted to tell you guys that I have a lot of new and exciting things planned for this blog - be on the lookout for some great inspiration and ideas that are soon to come!


  1. chloe, chanel and balmain, love love love them all!

  2. i am drooooling over chanel. xxx

  3. Chloe and Balmain - I absolutely love!
    I absolutely love your blog too..
    I'm nominated you for a beautiful blogger award, too :D


  4. fab coverage of F/W '10 x
    cute blog x


  5. mmyes, i thought chloe did it so well! love

  6. The golds are amazing!

  7. so much pretty! someday i would love to attend paris fashion week... i must! can you imagine how incredible it would be?!

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    I love the glasses in the Yves Saint Laurent collection.


  9. I really liked Chloe, YSL, Miu Miu too! Great selection of those shows!


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