Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Star Signs

Maybe I'm just procrastinating, but I saw one of these images on my friend's tumblr, found the complete editorial on Fashion Gone Rogue, and knew I had to post it immediately! The spread, "Star Signs" is featured in this month's British Vogue and each image is simply breathtaking and beautiful. Every image is like a beautiful work of art with whimsical sets and creative fashions. It's so different from the typical editorial and I really love it. Photographer Tim Gutt and set designer Shona Heath really did a wonderful job with this.

Star Signs
British Vogue, December 2010
Model: Siri Tollerod
Photographer: Tim Gutt
Set Designer: Shona Heath
Stylist: Kate Phelan

My star sign!

source: fashiongonerogue

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  1. i just posted this too, i love it!

  2. one of my favourite vogue shoots!



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