Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay, now we can all admit that we would've given a limb to be at Coachella last weekend. I mean come on, Paul McCartney?! amongst so so many others, like my personal favorites the Black Keys, and newcomers like Crystal Castles - and that was only Friday!! For full line-up and more goodies you can check at their website.

What I'm really here to talk about is Jeremy Scott and Adidas' after party on Saturday night at the Frank Sinatra estate. Personally, I love checking in on party pictures from the Cobra Snake and such websites; I think I just dream of that sort of life, being stuck in suburbia makes a girl go crazy. And I just love what they wear! I love that at a party you can be so much crazier and at some points even tacky and it's completely acceptable because you're partying and everyone is having a good time. Take for example Peaches Geldof, as much as many hate, I really can't help but love her. These outfits.. It's almost glamorous in the trashiest way possible. And that's exactly what I like ;)

^^ from

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Ah, I can't wait to get to the city...
- xo, C.

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