Monday, August 16, 2010

By the Seaside

Is it just me, or is it true that whenever you think you're about to have some free time is when it gets the busiest? Honestly, you think without classes and work and be having so much time but it seems like if it's not one thing than it's the other! I mean I can't really complain because one of those things is starting my wonderful fall internship early, but still! I miss you blogging world!

Anyway, here's one of those outfit posts I promised. Since I was staying right by the beach when I was on vacation, I was dressing a lot more laid back, most of the time I'd just spend most of the day in my bathing suit and a coverup! For a laid back look, I really am in love with high-waisted cutoff shorts! I think they're prefect because they go so well with almost anything! Like I can wear them with an old loose t-shirt or with a silky top and nicer shoes. I can even wear them all year round with tights! These that I'm wearing here I paired with a black braided belt, a cute top and a hat because my family was coming over for a barbeque. I love these shorts and I don't think I'll ever get tired of wearing them!

Hat: Thrift
Blouse: Forever 21
Belt: Thrift
Shorts: Urban Renewal Levi's by Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Michael Kors

Until next time,


  1. Cool shorts!

  2. I have the exact same top from Forever! Love it!

  3. You look nice.

  4. Thanks!!
    You look wonderful!!


  5. love the top
    cute :)

  6. lovely pictures!!that blouse is gorgeous!

    (new post: Oh mother, I thank you & follow me)

  7. very cool blog!! Thanjs for your sweet coment :)


  8. denim shorts are a must have for me, they are just so comfy. Although I just realised I need to buy some before all the winter collections comes in the shops, as mine are too big now

  9. so into the ripped denim! awesome blog.
    come follow me xoxo

  10. gorgeous, such an effortlessly chic look! the beach looks beautiful too.

  11. Cool :) Im also having a current love affair with my high wasted cut offs!

  12. nice pics, love your outfit.

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

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