Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Island Life

Hello bloggers! This editorial has been saved on my desktop forever, so I thought I'd finally share it with you guys. Right now it's freezing in New York, which makes me upset because 1) it's spring and 2) this time last year was so nice! Also, my school is weird and my spring break isn't for another 2 and half weeks, so I've really been lusting over warm weather and exotic vacations. That's why this editorial really stuck out to me - the bright colors and island settings make me want the warmth even more. And it was shot in Puerto Rico, where I was born, which makes me love it even more of course! Also, the model is Camille Rowe and the spread is called "Camille Aux Caraibes" and since Camille is my name, I can just close my eyes and imagine it's actually me in those shots with amazing clothes, hahaha. So, for those of you who are somewhere warm, just enjoy, and for all of you that are somewhere cold like me - here's a little something to keep your hopes up for the spring and summer!

"Camille Aux Caraibes"
Jalouse, March 2011
Model: Camille Rowe
Photographer: Theo Wenner
Stylist: Emilie Karen

see more: fashiongonerogue

I really want a jersey like that vintage Puerto Rico one!!
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  1. love it!

  2. she is so beautiful!

    u are so lucky. u live in NY :| I am jealous.. i live in Greece. its like summer here, u would love the weather<3

  3. the colours in this are soooo amazing
    i wish it was summer again

  4. I love these pictures, and your blog header xx


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