Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paper Art

Everyone NEEDS to check out contemporary artist Jen Stark. The 25 year old graduated from MICA, and during school she had the opportunity to go to France to study art but was only allowed to bring two suitcases. She packed all her clothes, but didn't bring art supplies, thinking she'd have the chance to buy supplies there, but the euro was expensive so she ended up buying the cheapest thing they had: construction paper. The rest is history.

Jen gets her inspiration from fractals, wormholes, and MRI scans. She also happens to get inspiration from dead bodies! Her sister is a doctor so Jen gets inspired by cross-sectional anatomy textbooks. I think these are the most beautiful things to ever come from paper and an X-acto knife. Not only that, but she has some wonderful drawings!

These really just fascinate me. Since Jen is from Miami, Florida she's had a whole ton of exhibitions in Florida, but I really hope she will have one in New York soon because I need to be mesmerized by these in person! You can check out more of her artwork here and also buy this awesome t-shirt she designed here. Her artwork has really inspired me, and now I really just want to break out my X-acto knife and see what I can come up with, although I'm sure it'll be nowhere near as amazing as this!

-xo, C.

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