Sunday, June 13, 2010

Born to Privilege

Hi bloggers! Hope you all had a good weekend! I had to work yesterday till close which was not fun, but I got to go home for a bit on Friday and I went shopping which is always good! :) I'll show you some of my new things real soon, my favorite finds were a multi-print one shoulder dress, a white denim jacket, and black cargo pants! Anyway, today I wanted to share with you guys a spread from July's Vogue Nippon. This was posted around a week ago and you've probably seen it around the internet world, but I absolutely love it so I had to post it here. Abbey Lee Kershaw looks amazing photographed by Angelo Pennetta and styled by Sissy Vian. I also love the look and the feel of the high contrast photos! Enjoy!

image source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Until next time,


  1. hope you had fun shopping! the last pic of abbey is so amazin!


  2. i love your header!

  3. gorgeous ! i LOVE her hair ; i'm a sucker for fringes .

  4. abbey lee never fails to stun me !
    she poses like a REAL model !

  5. Abbey Lee is sooooooooo '70s. I love her, this editorial is amazing. Love the rich colors and the black and white photos. Love the styling too. I love it when models just stand or sit there... that relaxed/I don't care look is my favorite. I mean I love extreme posing too, but the slouchy I don't care whatever pose/look is my favorite :)


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