Friday, June 4, 2010

Forever 21 x Danny Roberts

Hello there bloggers of the world and anyone that still reads this blog! So, I went on a two month hiatus.... I do feel bad that I never posted anything saying that I was but it was just for the best. Someone close to me told me that it was okay to step back from something if you can't handle it and come back to it later. I was just too stressed; I had 6 hard-core classes at school and then my mother broke her leg in the beginning of April so I was going home a lot to help out. I was exhausted physically and mentally and it gave me major writer's block. So during April I was too busy, and I told myself that once May came around I would start again. But come May I just wanted a break from always doing something, not to mention that I had final exams and projects to worry about. So I decided not to come back just yet. I missed blogging a lot, and in the meantime I posted a lot on my tumblr (owlwings), but to be honest I really needed that break and it was nice. Two months is enough though, and even though I still have a lot going on I promise that I'm back for good now. I am going to be easier on myself though. I'm in the city for the summer taking two classes and working at Forever 21, so it's still a lot. I'm not going to make a lot of promises on this blog and I'm just going to post what I can. I think posts that actually have some good stuff in them is more important than posting frequently. I do have some new features and things in mind, but you guys will just have to wait and see! I may or may not redo the layout, but I'm not sure yet. And finally, I've decided to make this blog a bit more personal. I got a wonderful new digital camera (a Nikon P100) and so I'm going to start doing outift posts. I know everyone does outfit posts and it's not original or anything but I really do think it adds something to a blog that readers can really relate to a real person! Anyway, my first will probably be tomorrow! & I hope the blogging world can welcome me back with open arms!!

So I thought it was appropriate that for this post I blog about the new Forever 21 x Danny Roberts collection since I'm working there! It just came out officially on the 2nd for all your purchasing pleasures, but I saw the shirts in the stock room last week and was super excited about them. Five of the shirts are from Danny's Blogger Portrait Series, and one is of two models. The Blogger ones feature bloggers Carolina Engman of FashionSquad, Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted, Agathe Molvik of Style Bytes, Alice of AlicePoint, and Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora. I've followed Igor & Andre for some time and I love love love his artwork so much! A few of his works have made appearances as my desktop background! The shirts are an awesome homage to the blogging world and they're made of a lightweight breezy material for summer. And of course, they're a great Forever 21 price. I'm still trying to decide which one I want, because I'm definitely getting one for myself! If you haven't already, check out Danny Robert's artwork at Igor & Andre and at Danny Roberts.

images: forever21, igor&andre

What do you guys think - will you get these shirts?
xo, Camille!


  1. i like them :) im poor at the moment though!

  2. I would buy these shirts, they're so summer appropriate! :)

    Welcome back. I'm sure all your readers understand your hiatus. Blogging should be something of leisure and not an obligation. I am happy for you that you've been too busy to blog, looks like you have a lot going on there. Gooooo you! :P

    I look forward to more personal posts from you. Have a happy weekend!

  3. great inspiration, I've noticed these printed shirts getting around lately.

  4. I love these shirts but for some reason I don't think I'd buy them, the first two are so pretty though!


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